A new hospital for Southern Humboldt County.

Building a new hospital is not just an option; it's a must! Our current facility will not meet California’s seismic standards after 2029. We have already accomplished every possible seismic retrofit, and we will be forced to close our existing hospital in 2030.


Our local hospital has provided vital medical services for nearly 70 years

In spite of our community’s best efforts, our facility is now irredeemably obsolete, and due to seismic regulations its doors will be closed by the State of California in 2030. That's only 13 years away!

If we are to continue to provide around-the-clock medical care for our citizens, we must build a new facility with an acute care hospital, emergency department, and the radiology and laboratory services that they require.

Stand-alone Emergency Rooms are not legal in California, and a 24/7 Urgent Care Clinic won't be able to provide the level of care required for emergency services, nor would it be financially viable in a community of our size.

We need to start thinking about the future of the hospital in our community.

It's up to us to keep our community healthy

To ensure that our new hospital is ready when we need it, we must start now. Interest rates and building costs are both rising, and designing, building, and certifying a new hospital can take 10 years or more.


Your Vote Matters

There are issues on our upcoming local ballot in May that will directly affect funding for our new hospital. Learn everything you can, stay informed on the issues, and make sure to vote!

Spread the Word

Let your friends know what's going on. If you use Facebook, join our community and help us spread the word by sharing the message with your friends. Display posters and flyers to show your support.

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